What’s The Tee?!

Shall we enter a staple of the modern, youthful wardrobe??!: the graphic tee…

Graphic tees make statements like, “I desire to fit in” or “I’m a part of subculture.” Your wardrobe should consist of a few graphic tees. Be fashionable yet make your statement conveying political sentiments, social desires, cultural tastes, branding, etc. What’s a better way to get a message out other than being a walking message.

I chose to make the statement that I am a fan of the hip hop culture by wearing a graphic tee with Christopher “Biggie Smalls” Wallace. By pairing with just boots, a cute little bag and accessories, Ive created a chic sexy stylish look for the culture. ✊🏾

The 22nd death anniversary of Biggie Smalls, the voice that influences a generation, just passed on March 9th. His legacy and music still lives on till this day.

What I Am Wearing:

Graphic Tee: Cotton On

Boots: Ego

Purse: Forever 21

Accessories: Forever 21