How To Deal With Self-Doubt

Despite being reminded by an enormous amount of evidence that I shouldn’t dare doubt myself, I still do. I sometimes allow my inner self to convince me that what I have to offer isn’t good enough. So the big question is, how can one over come the struggles of self-doubt?

As a women who is also black, the thoughts of not being good enough have been hard wired in our brain for years. It will take a lot of hard work to over come self doubt. Now you’re probably thinking “what if I achieve all of my goals,” shouldn’t that build my confidence? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Those achievements just bring on new fears and doubts. You will have to work on the inner YOU.

Here are ways I try to overcome my self-doubt:

1. Loving your self- Take YOURSELF out on a date. Do things that YOU like to do alone. If that means taking a 4 hour bath weekly, go for it. Go to the movies. Go out of town. Be comfortable with some “me time”

2.Dress to Impress- (My favorite tip) I always say “when you look like good, you feel good!”

3. Treat yourself to gifts- I mean I get it, who doesn’t love surprised from a loved one BUT sometimes its just as satisfying, if not more to just treat yourself.

4.Kiss yourself goodnight- Sounds crazy, right?! Well I don’t mean literally. Come up with a night ritual that will put a premium on self love. For me, I whisper an affirmation prior to going to bed.

Now these tips probably would work overnight but its a great start. Working on yourself to be the best version of yourself should always be a goal we work towards.

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