How I’ve Learn To Embrace Insecurities

I’ve never felt so good about writing a blog post like I do with this one. Blogs are the modern day diaries or journals that can be shared with the world. When I decided to relaunch my blog, I knew I wanted to not only share my fashionable looks but I also wanted to be an inspiration to all and to be relatable.

As a woman, I believe being more sensitive, to have those insecurities haunt us in the back of our minds is in our DNA. With the age of social media such Instagram and Facebook, we often compare ourselves to others, often feeling like we aren’t good enough or pretty enough.

Fortunately for me, over the years, I’ve learned how to embrace my insecurities and to not compare myself to others. I found ways to practice self love instead of picking apart every thing that is wrong with me. Reminding myself that MY IMPERFECTIONS IS WHAT MAKES ME MOST BEAUTIFUL.

Recently, I embraced an insecurity that I have and actually now look at it as a representation of motherhood, it’s stretch marks. I was the young mom at the pools and beaches fully covered. I use to spend hours trying to find the right bathing suit that will cover up all the right areas,

forcing me to opt out of attending any events that I would have to wear a bathing suit. But the beauty in baring a child, being a wonderful mother, the unconditional love I have for my son is what I think about when I look in the mirror.

Our beautiful starts within us all and for me that is what truly matters. I am PERFECTLY IMPERFECT AND I LOVE MYSELF FOR IT.

Think of one insecurity you have and now think of how you can embrace it with positive thoughts. Self love is something that we all should work on daily. LOVE WHO YOU ARE. LOVE WHAT YOU ARE. LOVE HOW YOU LOOK. DO THE WORK!

What I am wear:
Cover up- Forever 21
Bathing Suite- Forever 21
Slides- Aldo
Accessories- Aldo

Bag-Forever 21