Fall Into Love ❤️

Don’t fall in love with someone. Fall into love…

After my last breakup, my concept of love has completely changed. Unfortunately, I’m no stranger to heartbreak, disappointments and thoughts of giving up on the whole relationship thing. But in life, I believe we go through certain situations and run into certain people to learn about ourselves.

In the past, I used to go into my relationships expecting to be loved like what I see on TV. You know the cliche love scenes when two people running towards each other at an airport and jump into each others arms was pretty much what I thought love was, LOL.

But love is just so much more! Love is impossibly imperfect. Love is patience. Love is forgiving. Love understands your weaknesses. Love does not see gender. Love is encouragement. Love is a choice. Love is an universal language.

We have to dig deep when loving our partners. We need to understand them in order to love them. Understand what makes a person laugh, cry, smile are all very important when loving someone. Knowing one’s love language is always beneficial.

Remember when you’re in love with that special partner, love isn’t perfect. Love doesn’t always make you happy. But it makes you better. Because love knows that its central function in your life is to help you grow. Growth can hurt. Love will change you to become a version of yourself you didn’t know existed.

Trust me I’m no expert on love. But I will tell you that I’ve been through enough and had plenty of time to do the “self work” to know how I want to love and be loved!

Remember you can’t expect for someone to love you if you don’t even love yourself. Do the work. Being able to receive love begins with self love❤️

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