Be Confident. Be Beautiful. Be You.

Most people think that confidence comes from becoming successful and achieving desired results. That’s absolutely backward! In order to be success you have to possess a level of confidence first.

Increasing your confidence and improving your self-esteem actually makes you more likely to succeed!

Here are a few actions on how I boost my confidence: (In no particular order)

1. LOOK THE PART. The exterior is the window of the interior. If you look good on the outside you will feel good in the inside.

2. TOUCH UP THE SELF IMAGE. It is a known fact that we will often risk bodily harm and embarrassment to save our self-image. Self-image is so important for your confidence. Change a thought like “I am such a mean person” to something like “I have been mean lately, but that’s all changed because…” and finish with a worthy affirmation. Do this every day and soon you will change your world by changing how you think about yourself.

3. THINK POSITIVITY THOUGHTS. Having negative thoughts is a destructive habit.
The good news is, every thought can be easily transformed. All you have to do is exchange your negative thoughts for positive ones.

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