How Not Giving AF About What He Thought About Me Benefited Me….

Believe it or not, I’ve had my fair share of narcissistic, insecure, and self-centered men.  I’ve heard every negative comment, or insult you can imagine. Insults to the degree of “You’re fat,” “You need to wear make up every day,” to “You need to go get your body done.” Shocked? Me Too! The crazy part is I used to believe those horrible things that were being said to me.

Now fellas relax….This is not a male-bashing blog post. I honestly think there are awesome men out there that’s willing to uplift and support their queen.

For me, dealing with men that put me down became a trend for me, unfortunately. I quickly developed low self-esteem, insecurities, and have had battles of depression…You know the usual mental battles us women deal with.

I had to dig dip, look in the mirror, and find myself. I had to not give AF about the negative, and tell myself I AM BEAUTIFUL, I AM AMAZING, I AM ENOUGH for any man. I also had to surround myself with a great support system that included close friends and family to shower me with love and positive affirmations.

Another thing I did was, list all the things that I was great at, and repeated them over and over. After that, I began to speak positive affirmations over myself EVERYDAY.  Heck, I even put those affirmations everywhere so that I can see them.

This is what I called, “BUILDING MY SELF ESTEEM BACK UP” and “NO LONGER GIVING AF” about what they thought of me. Since doing those things my confidence grew. I now have thick skin and can take any negative comment with a grain of salt and unaffected. In other words …UNBOTHERED!

I share this to tell you ladies this: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE AMAZING, YOU ARE ENOUGH. Do not let a man or anyone tell you any different or try to destroy your self esteem. Truth be told, they know deep down inside YOU ARE OUT OF THEIR LEAGUE.

Now you’re probably wondering how on earth do I keep running into these types of men. It’s very simple. Some people are meant for us, even if we dont spend forever with them. Every man I ever encountered has taught me life-changing lessons about myself. I am extremely stronger because of them all.

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