The Little Black Dress

How would you describe your ideal black dress? If you ask me, I would say something chic and sexy but also classy and timeless. The versatility of a black dress can take you from an upscale party, date night with the hubby, or a fun ladies night. A little black dress should be in every women’s wardrobe.

The appeal of the little black dress is it’s simplicity, this is what gives any timeless ensemble its elegance. The idea of the “little black dress” could be applied to any outfit. Create a classy, memorable look using styles and concepts that don’t go out of style. Stand out in the best way without having to do the most.

The little black dress has been dominating the fashion word since 1920. In fact, Coco Chanel was the first to introduce this fashion term “the little black dress” back in the 1920s.

What I Am Wearing:

Dress: Pretty Little Things

Clutch: Calvin Klein

Shoes: Aldo

Does your clothing really define you?

Does it matter how much we spend on our clothes? or What store we purchased our clothes from?

From a young age, we all felt the pressure to dress to impress. Starting off the new semester with last years shoes felt like the end of the world. This is a problem I sometimes still struggle with. Will anyone notice? Is it just in my head?

We as a society often get caught up in the expectation of perfection, and with social media platforms like Instagram, where influencers strive to paint a glamorous picture of their lives, its hard not to compare yourself to them. We’re encouraged to spend more money and look a part, but to who’s benefit?

Whether its a $10 pair of jeans or $200, walk into a room with the same poise. You may simply not have the luxuries to purchase from a high end store or perhaps you are just a person who would rather spend your money on other things. Either way, you are not less than someone that shops at Barneys or Neimen Marcus.

Fashion should never be solely based on the cost or the brand of your outfit. Your look should be based on how you want the world to see you. Confidence comes from within, the clothes are just bonuses.

What I Am Wearing:

Top: New York & Company

Bermuda Shorts: Cotton On

Hand bag: Aldo

Choker: Aldo

Earrings: New York & Company

Shoes: Ego Official

Shades: Gucci

Look Good To Feel Good..

Its not just an old cliche, looking good can actually improve your mood and make you healthier…

You’d be surprised how a hot shower, a nice outfit, and a full face of makeup can make you feel a hundred times better when you’re under the weather. A few months ago, I caught the flu and was feeling down for what felt like an eternity. I’d finally had enough and decided to get out of bed to pamper myself with lashes, make up and a brand new outfit. It was the exact medicine I needed; my energy, confidence, and more importantly my health went up that day!

One organization dedicated to this philosophy is Look Good, Feel Better. Since 1989 they have worked with people who are battling cancer to encourage and inspire them. With the help of thousands of volunteers, they organize makeovers, workshops, and more to support women.

When I’m feeling down, it’s so tempting to give in to the cozy comfort of a pair of sweats, a Netflix series I haven’t binged yet, and some snacks I’ll have no guilt indulging in. But with so many responsibilities in a day, I usually don’t get my fill of relaxation. Sometimes a little makeover is exactly what it takes to get me feeling back to normal. 

What I Am Wearing:

Top: H&M

Bottom: H&M

Jeans Jacket: American Eagle ( cut & destroyed by me)

Shades: Express

Accessories: Aldo

Shoes: Ego




Look Good To Feel Good..

Who Is She?!

She is a queen.

She is an entrepreneur.

She is a single-mom.

She is stylish.

She is fashion forward.

She is a perfectionist in a world of imperfections.

Why a fashion blog?

There are countless women that are looking for fashion advice & inspiration. Stylistic Cues is my way to connect with anyone who feels out of the loop or just love a good look. From high end to dress for less, my blog will showcase my passion for fashion.

Enter my world of everything trendy & fashionable!

What I Am Wearing:

Top: Express

Jeans: H&M (Boyfriend Jeans)

Shoes: Ego

Clutch: Express

Accessories: Aldo