Let It Go, Sis

“To let go does not mean to get rid of. To let go means to let be. When we let be with compassion, things come and go on their own.” –Jack Kornfield

Yes, we are all guilty of holding on to situations that we know we should release from. Whether we are holding on to a grudge, holding on to memories from a relationship or holding on to a negative experience that replays in our minds.

You have to understand that holding on does not change anything. Holding on to a situation will only hold you back from creating a strong sense of self.

One of the most difficult things for most people to let go of are relationships. Often times, we will turn into someone completely different when we don’t want to let go. We start to make poor choices, lie, or even bring negativity to not only yourself but the ones around you.

I remember holding on to a past relationship even after my heart was broken and the relationship was clearly over . I couldn’t even recognize myself when I looked in the mirror. I was angry all the time, stressed out and took my frustrations out on my loved ones.

The moment I recognized i was holding on to this relationship that was over, I started to “DO THE SELF-WORK.” First, I learned to accept that the relationship I thought I was suppose to be in forever is over. I began to move on and that is when my life started falling back into place for the good.

Although it can be difficult to let go of someone you’ve built a deep connection with, it is necessary to let go to live a great life.

The key to letting go is facing what has happened, accepting that you can’t change it and then moving on. 

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A Picture Perfect Birthday

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If you’re like me, then you love love love birthdays. I love the entire process leading up to my birthday festivities.

From transforming with hair and make up, planning the festivities (my sister really plans it, lol), to inviting all of my close family friends to come and celebrate me. I love it all ! And yes I am very EMOTIONAL around my birthday. ♋️

This year was a tad bit different. Normally, I would travel to a location where 20-25 family and friends would meet me.

Or I would do a themed dinner party. But this year I decided to stay local and lowkey. Well I kind of lowkey. LOL

My sister, who’s always in charge of the planning committee, made reservation at Banko Cantina for tacos, margaritas, and whatever else that came with that night.

We did tacos because my birthday fell on a Tuesday…Taco Tuesday’s! Get it?! Lol

Everything was so perfect! Everyone came out and enjoyed the night. I am a firm believe of controlling your energy and who gets to invade your space.

The family and friends that attended had the perfect energy I needed. The love and support was so real!!

I’ve learn so much about myself in the last couple of months leading up to my birthday.

I realize I had to increase my self love, self affirmation, positive thinking, and my selfishness.

Yes, you read correctly. I had to put me first in all facets of my life. Love life, work life, family life, etc.

Best decision I ever could have made this year. I am so much more happier, stress free and just loving life.

This year I have to say my birthday was perfect. I’m in a good space mentally. I’m so excited for what’s to come.

Happy Birthday To Me !!

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Be Confident. Be Beautiful. Be You.

Most people think that confidence comes from becoming successful and achieving desired results. That’s absolutely backward! In order to be success you have to possess a level of confidence first.

Increasing your confidence and improving your self-esteem actually makes you more likely to succeed!

Here are a few actions on how I boost my confidence: (In no particular order)

1. LOOK THE PART. The exterior is the window of the interior. If you look good on the outside you will feel good in the inside.

2. TOUCH UP THE SELF IMAGE. It is a known fact that we will often risk bodily harm and embarrassment to save our self-image. Self-image is so important for your confidence. Change a thought like “I am such a mean person” to something like “I have been mean lately, but that’s all changed because…” and finish with a worthy affirmation. Do this every day and soon you will change your world by changing how you think about yourself.

3. THINK POSITIVITY THOUGHTS. Having negative thoughts is a destructive habit.
The good news is, every thought can be easily transformed. All you have to do is exchange your negative thoughts for positive ones.

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Embracing New Beginnings

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown”

There is something to be said about new beginnings…

In my early 20s, any time I was faced to start something new, I always had a little fear and anxiety. The thoughts of the unknown outcome always had me hesitant to embrace new beginnings.

A new beginning can be anything from a new business, new career paths to even new relationships. Unfortunately, I have passed up on a lot of “new beginnings” just out of fear alone. That is definitely not a way to live life, I know.

Fast forward to my 30s, I realized you can not go through life with a fear of new beginnings. New beginnings happens to us in life because it awakens us to see more clearly. Each new beginning we have challenges us to give more of ourselves, for the sake of ourselves and for others.

So lets ask ourselves, How can we embrace new beginnings?

1. LET GO OF ALL CONTROL. Let go of your need to hold on to the past or attempts to control the future. Our path was already written for us all. Let go and let God guide you through your journey.

2. HAVE A BEGINNERS MINDSET. Don’t try to do the new like the old. Be curious and ask lots of questions. The key word is NEW. Embrace it as a fresh start.

3. TRUST THE PROCESS. Simply be open to letting things unfold. Have patience and watch everything work itself out. During the process have fun and take time out to celebrate any small victories.

New Beginnings hold the potential to become the final awakening to a legacy instead of a loss. Embrace it all!

How will you embrace your next new beginning?!

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Now Is The Time To Celebrate You ✨

Time is ticking! Every hour, minute, second of each day we are absorbed with accomplishing goals. But are you taking the time out to celebrate your small victory’s or just life in general?

For me, I’ve been focused on building two brands, working a full time job and taking care of an active 12 year old, so celebrating anything was usually last on my list.

But I realize the benefits of celebrating life. Taking the time out to just have fun and just reflecting on how much I’ve grown has really help with my mental. After a fun night out, I return back to working on my goals, with a clearer mind, boost of self confidence, happy, and ready to take on the world.

We have to keep in mind that life is a gift , relish it, celebrate it, explore it and dance with it. Have fun with it and celebrate those small victories. The sooner you practice celebrating life, the sooner life will celebrate you.

Pick one thing that you enjoy, even if it’s as simple as walking on the beach. Tomorrow, pick something else you will enjoy and do that. If you keep doing things you enjoy, soon you’ll have a handful of “celebrations” you can pick from every day. The goal is to create a habit of celebrating life, not to wait.

Here are some tips to help you celebrate life:

  • Start every day with a smile. (And give thanks to God for another day!)
  • Reflect on the positive things in your life.
  • Tell that special person that you love them.
  • Celebrate the everyday things that you might take for granted.

The sooner you decide to “just do it” and start celebrating the little things, your big picture will begin to look brighter. All those little celebrations will add up to a happier life.

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How I’ve Learn To Embrace Insecurities

I’ve never felt so good about writing a blog post like I do with this one. Blogs are the modern day diaries or journals that can be shared with the world. When I decided to relaunch my blog, I knew I wanted to not only share my fashionable looks but I also wanted to be an inspiration to all and to be relatable.

As a woman, I believe being more sensitive, to have those insecurities haunt us in the back of our minds is in our DNA. With the age of social media such Instagram and Facebook, we often compare ourselves to others, often feeling like we aren’t good enough or pretty enough.

Fortunately for me, over the years, I’ve learned how to embrace my insecurities and to not compare myself to others. I found ways to practice self love instead of picking apart every thing that is wrong with me. Reminding myself that MY IMPERFECTIONS IS WHAT MAKES ME MOST BEAUTIFUL.

Recently, I embraced an insecurity that I have and actually now look at it as a representation of motherhood, it’s stretch marks. I was the young mom at the pools and beaches fully covered. I use to spend hours trying to find the right bathing suit that will cover up all the right areas,

forcing me to opt out of attending any events that I would have to wear a bathing suit. But the beauty in baring a child, being a wonderful mother, the unconditional love I have for my son is what I think about when I look in the mirror.

Our beautiful starts within us all and for me that is what truly matters. I am PERFECTLY IMPERFECT AND I LOVE MYSELF FOR IT.

Think of one insecurity you have and now think of how you can embrace it with positive thoughts. Self love is something that we all should work on daily. LOVE WHO YOU ARE. LOVE WHAT YOU ARE. LOVE HOW YOU LOOK. DO THE WORK!

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The Iconic..Coco Chanel

Fashion fades, only style remains the same. – Coco Chanel 

Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel story is a classic rags-to-riches tale that’s now inspiration to us all. When her mother died, Chanel at age 12, was left in circumstances that can only be described as dire (think orphanages and extreme poverty). However, the placement in the orphanage may have been the best thing for Coco’s future because it is where she learned to sew. Pulling herself up from her bootstraps, Chanel worked as a seamstress by day and a cabaret singer/dancer by night. 

Various twists of fate and personal connections helped Chanel launch a career that began modestly. She was a hat-maker and a boutique owner before becoming a bonafide fashion designer. And the rest, as they say, is history. Chanel brought us everything from pencil skirts and tweed suits to the cardigan jacket and menswear redesigned to flatter a woman’s body.

Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel story will forever be an inspiration to me. She took an unfortunate situation and turned it to a successful inspirational situation. I firmly believe that you can not have a testimony with a test first. When we are being tested it’s only because something greater is brewing for you. Dream big. Work hard. Never give up.

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